We offer pure and cleanly white mineral Gypsum Plaster (POP). The achromatic colour of this Gypsum Plaster (POP) stays for years along therefore proving the very fact that its purity is fleeting however a long one. Gypsum Plaster is a superior quality (POP) as its producing method includes several sturdy scientific tests. the main take a look at is that the metallic element preparation method whereby every driblet of pure is stewed at a planned temperature and therefore the is separated. The results of this procedure are that mineral doesn’t shrink or crack when drying therefore our Gypsum Plaster (POP) is extremely user-friendly and doesn’t produce several issues for the user.

Gypsum Plaster (POP) Benefits:
  • It can be easily molded into different shapes.
  • Gypsum Plaster (POP) imparts extra shine and smoothness.
  • It mixes easily with water without any chemicals and is even easier to used walls.
  • It doesn’t shrink or develop cracks on walls and ceiling.
  • Gypsum Plaster/ Pouch 2 kg
  • Gypsum Plaster/ Pouch 5 kg
  • Gypsum Plaster 25 kg